Futon mattresses

Ecological mattresses – futons patterned on Japanese manufacturing technologies are broadly used: from typical bedroom mattresses to various seats, stools or travel mattresses of the 'Voyage' type.

Futon is a product made of natural raw materials. It is covered with a 100% cotton fabric and can be filled in with cotton fibres, wool fibres in combination with coco or latex fillings, foam, horsehair or other natural materials. Natural components guarantee a comfortable sleep due to comfortable support for the spine. This is why futons are produced from the best-quality raw materials.

Futon mattresses are hand-made, with great precision. This means that various shapes can be obtained. The diversity of shapes, fillings and fabric colours ensure broad usage for such mattresses. They can be used both directly on the floor and on frames (beds, sofas).

Traditional futon
Futon Voyage
Futon Armchair
Combi Futon