Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are characterised by a particularly high quality due to their latex filling. For years, latex has been recommended by rehabilitation specialists and paediatricians as the best mattress component due to its qualities and origin. Latex is produced from the milky latex of the rubber plants, especially the evergreen tree hevea brasiliensis.

The latex foam is the most resilient of all materials used to produce mattresses. It adjusts to the shape and positions of its user ensuring a real comfort during sleep. Moreover, it recovers its shape even after a long deformation period. The latex foam is antibacterial and antifungal. Therefore, it is free from fungi, mould and Acari; it does not cause any allergies. Numerous ventilation openings enable a proper air circulation, which reduces sweating and guarantees a perfect and hygienic sleep.
Latex mattresses are exceptionally durable, giving them extensive longevity.

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